Monday, December 4, 2006


You know I have to put this online...
I can take it down too...but it is cracking me up to the point of tears:

"One the memory i have of dad that always makes me smile is the two of us driving to tiajuana, i think to pick up those couches in Dad and wanda's apartment now. I must have ben 3 or 4. I remember sitting in the passenger seat and kind of squeezing one out and then looking over a dad and saying matter-of-factly "i just took a BM." And the sheer look of incredulity of dad's face was priceless. Now that i have a kid, especially, i know he must of been think something along the lines of "you couldn't have told me this 5 minutes ago?" Sorry if you've heard that story before. It cracks me up.

When we lived in germany, he would see alot of the kids that i went to school with b/c he was like one of two or three pediatricians for the american population. All the kids really liked him; they thought he was a hoot."
A La Matthew Alan Cohen

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