Monday, December 11, 2006

Dads Obituary

I have not heard from Dee yet..I have sent an email and called. I will hear from her tomorrow I hope. If not, I will call with a screaming Oscar in the background..And as most of you know, that will be hard. I will have to hold something dear to him at arms length or something...ACK
Think good thoughts.
Also, I switched phones and lost everyones phone number. I know I have a sheet of them somewhere, but if you wanna call and say hello I can save it that way too!!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

I may be veering towards the cheese but wot the hell

More Eli and dad

dad's flight jacket patch


Finally, the fun can begin!
Clinton and I drove to see Wanda and Dad when Oscar was twoish months old...Pretty harrowing experience...
The drive, not the visit!

The Desk.

Dad and Osky, visit in October 2006

When I came home in October, I was all heady from the overwhelming thoughts of Dad not being around much longer...I think I have always had those i graduate high school, Dad will stick around...etc. Morbid, but hey- he is the same age as my grandparents...So that visit in October was heavy. And he told that story about the dead soldier and Matt taped it and well..this is what happened. After some tears, I saw the humor...Gotta love the guy...

So heres Dad...I keep hearing him say " a needle yay ( extending finger and pinky like a sideways shaka sign) big.."

The Bug is adios!!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Still cant post fotos.
Very annoying.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Matt asked me to post a foto for him..And I cant do it either...
He cant post photos...And I couldnt post the image as send to me..
Wont let me put it up...
The only thing I can think is the size was maybe too big?
Any ideas?
I need to send a letter to someone...
On another note, the upstairs neighbors have been hammering every night and it is so loud....Aiyah.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Monday, December 4, 2006


You know I have to put this online...
I can take it down too...but it is cracking me up to the point of tears:

"One the memory i have of dad that always makes me smile is the two of us driving to tiajuana, i think to pick up those couches in Dad and wanda's apartment now. I must have ben 3 or 4. I remember sitting in the passenger seat and kind of squeezing one out and then looking over a dad and saying matter-of-factly "i just took a BM." And the sheer look of incredulity of dad's face was priceless. Now that i have a kid, especially, i know he must of been think something along the lines of "you couldn't have told me this 5 minutes ago?" Sorry if you've heard that story before. It cracks me up.

When we lived in germany, he would see alot of the kids that i went to school with b/c he was like one of two or three pediatricians for the american population. All the kids really liked him; they thought he was a hoot."
A La Matthew Alan Cohen


matt has also started a blog
his is titled
i guess i got to the name first
rock paper scissors on which one to keep?

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Dr. Nat

Thanks for all your insight into the broad spectrum of knowledge that you extended to one and to all. May you rest in peace!!

- Clinton

Hullo Interweb Fans!!!

Here we go ...
Here is a piece Matt put together: