Friday, December 8, 2006


Finally, the fun can begin!
Clinton and I drove to see Wanda and Dad when Oscar was twoish months old...Pretty harrowing experience...
The drive, not the visit!

The Desk.

Dad and Osky, visit in October 2006

When I came home in October, I was all heady from the overwhelming thoughts of Dad not being around much longer...I think I have always had those i graduate high school, Dad will stick around...etc. Morbid, but hey- he is the same age as my grandparents...So that visit in October was heavy. And he told that story about the dead soldier and Matt taped it and well..this is what happened. After some tears, I saw the humor...Gotta love the guy...

So heres Dad...I keep hearing him say " a needle yay ( extending finger and pinky like a sideways shaka sign) big.."


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mattcohen said...

awesome job rachel
ps. check out my blog for our new puppy